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Sweet and Sour is a bass clarinet and euphonium duo commissioned by Yareli Bailon. The title comes from Olivia Rodrigo's album Sour which is a favorite of Bailon and her best friend Isac Sanchez. Bailon wanted a piece that she and Sanchez could perform together. They asked for a piece that showed off both the lyrical and technical skills of the bass clarinet and euphonium.


The piece starts with mysterious long lines interchanging between the bass clarinet and euphonium then quickly changing moods to a fast-paced minimalist section. There are different motifs that are developed and moved around from the bass clarinet to the euphonium. The piece ends with a chaotic section with both players playing all the motifs throughout the pieces frantically until it ends dramatically.

PDF DOWNLOAD Sweet & Sour bass clarinet and euphonium duo

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