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Sarah is always open to commissions and collaborations.

Sarah's commissioning rates are calculated per instrument, per minute, and production.

For ensembles comprising 1 or 3 instruments, the rate is $45/instrument/minute. 
For ensembles comprising 4 to 6 instruments, the rate is $40/instrument/minute. 
For ensembles comprising 7 to 10 instruments, the rate is $35/instrument/minute. 
For ensembles comprising 11 or more instruments, the rate is $25/instrument/minute.


Fixed media or will count as one instrument.

Final production of parts and score will have an attached 5% fee of the total instruments times minutes.


example, $40 X 5 instruments X 6 minutes = $1,200

$1,200 X 5% = 60

Final commission price, $1,260

Commissioning fees are paid on an agreed payment schedule.

Discounts will be given to current student musicians looking for music for a recital or project, public middle and high schools, or music that will be performed multiple times in the course of one year.

Click Here to see a sample commissioning contract.

Commissions by other musicians

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Please use this contact form to get more information about commissioning Sarah.

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