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Compositions by category 

~Lighthouse; euphonium and piano, 2023, written for Isac Sanchez


~Women's Rights are Human Rights; bass clarinet, fixed media, and visual art, 2023, written for Julia lougheed for the 2023 International Clarinet Association conference in Denver, CO.

~Sweet and Sour; bass clarinet and euphonium, 2023, written for Yareli Bailon and Isac Sanchez.


~Queer Language; Eb clarinet, Bb clarinet, basset horn, bass clarinet, and fixed media, 2022. Composed for *AudibleNoise* quartet for the 2022 International Clarinet Association conference in Reno, NV.


~DREAMERS; String Quartet, 2021
premiered in June 2021 at the Fresh Inc Festival

~Reed Warp; Multi-woodwind duet with piano, 2021
Composed for Wen Wu and Samuel Lupe.

~Midnight Ride; Solo string quartet, string orchestra, and piano, 2020

to be premiered in Summer 2021 by the West Valley Youth Orchestra 

Large Ensemble Music 

~Sunshine (Grade 3); Wind Band, 2022

~Waves (Grade 3); Wind Band, 2022

~Dragon Slayer (Grade 1.5); Flexible Ensemble 2021

~The Haunting (Grade 4); Wind Band 2020

~Through the Clouds, Over the Storm (Grade 3.5); Wind band, 2020

Chamber Music
~A LadyAlto, Flute, Bass Clarinet, and Vibraphone, 2022

~Out of the Ordinary
; Flute and Clarinet, 2021

~Wind Quintet no. 1; Wind Quintet, 2021

Whispers Through the Wind; Piccolo, two flutes,
bass clarinet, two percussionists, 2020


~The Tradition; Three Flutes, 2020

~The Last Dance; Reed Quintet, 2020  

~Emotions; Bb Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, 2020  

~A Piece for Doug; Four Percussionists, 2019 

~Lucas; Reed Quintet, 2019

~Fire & Ice; Trumpet Ensemble, 2019

~Four Seasons; Flute Quartet, 2019

Solo Music

~NEURODIVERGENT; Bass Clarinet solo with fixed media, 2022

~PLOT TWIST; Multi-Percussion solo, 2021

~Multi-Personality; Clarinet solo, 2021

~Angel; Piano solo, 2018

Electronic Music

~Pieces of me; electronic​, 2021

~Ode To Wedding Aisle Songs; electronic, 2020

Transcriptions and Arrangements 


~Serenade for Wind in D minor by Antonín Dvorák
transcribed for Reed Quintet and Table for Five, 2019


~Phantasy Quintet by Ralph Vaughan Williams
transcribed for Reed Quintet and Table for Five, 2019

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