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Synchronizing Personas

Bass Clarinet duo with fixed media

Sarah Lucas-Page | Composer

Lead Commissioners


Henry McNamara


Lindsey Hutchinson


Rick Ferrarelli

About the piece

This bass duo celebrates the two beings that hold the dearest place in my heart: my beloved companions, Beethoven and Padmé. Their presence enriches my life in countless ways, and I am inspired to craft a composition that captures the essence of their vibrant personalities. Within this musical journey, one player embodies the loving and playful spirit of Beethoven, while the other channels the quirky, unpredictable energy of Padmé. Each musical segment mirrors their distinct characteristics, reminding us that despite their stark differences, they share an unbreakable bond as the best of friends.


Joining the Consortium includes:

  • The score and parts with fixed media tracks.

  • Your name in the score (if desired)

  • Exclusivity for performing for one year (After Premiere)

  • Recording rights with no fees for two years (after premiere) with Rick Ferrarelli, Lindsey Hutchinson, and Henry McNamara releasing the first recordings.

  • The piece will be sent out by email the week of January 1st, 2024.

The consortium is currently closed. Thank you to the members who have joined!

Professional and Student Duos:
Morii duo | Richard Ferrarelli & Lindsey Hutchinson (lead Commissioners)

Egide Duo | Joshua & Stefanie Gardner

Calvin Falwell & Asher Carlson

Nittany Resonance | Kevin Perez & Joshua Rubin

Quantum Spawn | Rodolfo Rodriguez & Leonardo Palma


Professional and Student bass clarinetists:
Henry McNamara (Lead Commissioner)

Abdo Timejardine-Zomeño

Margali Grenier

Franklin Acosta

Tyler Mazone

Johnny Engelke

d'Art Richard

Matthew Weger

Sean McBride

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