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This piece is for Reed Quintet (oboe, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, bassoon). 


The physical copy comes with one score and one copy of each part. This piece is copyrighted and protected by ASCAP. 


The Last Dance is a musical love story from beginning to end. When writing this piece I constantly thought about a woman falling in love with another woman but because of the times they were living in, they could not be together. After not living the life they truly wanted, they both decide to try and find each other again while in their old age. Their last dance is an amazing, theatrical moment where they finally find each other! They spend (the very little time they have) together, forever. I titled each section to help give the performers an idea of how to play with the correct emotion and to better tell the story. The piece has two melodies that are repeated throughout, those are each women's themes. While the piece has a lot of different motifs and ideas the last two sections reveal the love that they both have for each other and how their themes fit with one another. The sections: Love's Beginning, Longing, Infatuation, Love, Lost, Wondering, Found, The Dance, and Love's Finale.

The Last Dance - for Reed Quintet PHYSICAL COPY

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