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Women's Rights Are Human Rights, this poignant journey sheds light on the challenges experienced by women and people with uteruses all over the world. This piece is for a solo clarinetist switching between Bb clarinet and bass clarinet and is accompanied by fixed audio and video media. This piece explores the complexities surrounding gender inequality including; a woman's role in society, the wage gap, and the right to choose.


This piece musically explores an extreme range of both the Bb and bass clarinet and extended techniques including multi-phonics and key clicking. The performer will engage with the audio and video media, giving a whole-hearted acting performance. The piece as a whole has a lot of components that might be overstimulating, as well as explicit language and violent images.


With profound dedication, this work was commissioned by Dr. Julia Lougheed, a beacon of empowerment, who has tirelessly advocated for women's rights. She approached me with the idea for this piece surrounding the terrible recall of the Supreme Court decision of Roe V. Wade in 2022. Both of us wanted to create a piece that would not just bring awareness to the idea of the inequality of women but would bring deep thought and action.


To help organizations that help women you can go to


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Women's Rights are Human Rights PHYSICAL COPY

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