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This piece is for alto voice solo (or any voice with the range), flute, bass clarinet, and vibraphone. The voice range is A3 to C5. This piece has many musical motifs that are manipulated into different rhythms and ideas throughout. Each instrument gets a moment to shine either with the voice or soloisticly.


Amy Lowell - 1874-1925


A Lady


You are beautiful and faded,

Like an old opera tune

Played upon a harpsichord;

Or like the sun-flooded silks

Of an eighteenth-century boudoir. In your eyes

Smoulder the fallen roses of outlived minutes,

And the perfume of your soul

Is vague and suffusing,

With the pungence of sealed spice-jars.

Your half-tones delight me,

And I grow mad with gazing

At your blent colors.


My vigor is a new-minted penny,

Which I cast at your feet.

Gather it up from the dust

That its sparkle may amuse you.


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