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Puzzle Pieces

This new piece will be for solo Bb clarinet with fixed audio media. It is written with the idea of intersectionality and how the pieces of ourselves create one beautiful picture. It starts jumbled and a mess until we can assemble the pieces and figure out who we are.

You can join the consortium from June 28th until August 16th. The piece will be sent out on August 23rd.

Untitled design (1)_edited.jpg

Joining the consortium includes:

- The score with fixed media track.

- Your name in the score (if you choose to have it). 

- Exclusivity for performing for one year.

- Recording rights with no fees for two years, after I release my own recording.

This upcoming International Clarinet Asociation ClarinetFest will be a big one for me as a composer, clarinetist, and researcher. I will be premiering Puzzle Pieces, Morri Duo, Henry McNamara, and Dakota Laurent will be performing Synchronizing Personas. I will also present my research entitled: What’s wrong with being a fat clarinetist?: Fat Body Politics in the World of Clarinet Performance. 

Along with joining the consortium, you can also help me fund this trip to present new music and new ideas!

Please select how you would like to join the consortium.
Help me get to Ireland for 2024 ICA ClarinetFest$1
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